The Turtle Triathlete in a Nutshell

Starting this blog is probably one of the scariest things I’ve done aside from my first Tri but I’ll give you a brief of who theturtletriathlete is…

  • Angela. 31. Lives in the Hunter Valley NSW, Australia.
  • The most genetically unathletic person you will ever meet.
  • Blonde. Very Blonde.
  • Mother of Oscar (the most beautiful pug in the world) image
  • Someone who was born with no navigational skills whatsoever
  • Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis &IBS in 2013

I have never liked sport. At all. I done my best to get out of PE at school and for sport i would choose the easiest option- most of the time it was ‘walk aerobics’ which involved walking probably 4-5km in a pair of Doc Martins. I refused to participate in sports and swimming carnivals too.

As an adult I have joined several gyms with the intentions of getting fit. My longest consistent attandance at the gym would have been around 6 months- I’m not sure why i fell off that wagon! I also tried running a few times, only to get 200m up the road with shin splints and have an asthma attack. Sometimes I would try again the next day but mostly I would decide that I just wasn’t a runner.

 My parter Grant had done Ironman Zell 70.3 and was training for Sunny Coast 70.3. I had also watched him do Maitland local club race and I was in awe at how fit and inspiring everyone was!

So around July/August 2013 i decided I was going to train to do Maitlands short club race.  I had purchased a second hand TT from eBay and started the C25K running program (this is available as an app on both android and apple). I was also swimming at the local YMCA- managing to do a whole 25m in freestyle was a breakthrough for me! On top of being completely unfit I was also just learning to cope with my recent diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis in April that frequently likes to flare without reason.

Ulcerative Colitis is an Inflammatory Bowel Disease that is triggered by an immune response. At this stage there is no cure for IBD (crohns is also an IBD) but it can be managed with medications. I could tell you all my symptoms but it might be oversharing for the time being. If your feeling curious feel free to google it.

To look back now and say I was unfit then was an understatement as I still say I’m unfit!

Race day come around in September 2013 and I completed my first short course Tri at Maitland Park with Maitland Tri Club (250/11/2). I’m pretty sure I cried on the way to the finish line. I didn’t think I would ever have the fitness or mental strength to do something so epic. I’m sure my time was probably one of the slowest on record- but I finished something I set out to do.


So fast forward to now- I’m currently training for the BCU Coffs Tri which is an Olympic distance, UTA pace 22 and Challenge forster later in the year.

I read a quote on Instagram not long ago- “doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”. I now have this as my phone screensaver- I am constantly doubting myself and need to remember if i train right and set my mind to it, I can achieve my dreams.

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Happy Running 🐢



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