On Monday I done my longest trail run in months. (11km) I thought I would be ok. At least 5km of that was downhill on a pretty rutted out fire trail. I also had my new Saucony Peregrine 6’s on. I felt fine running at the time but Yesterday my glutes were screaming. Today they are yelling- not as loud as yesterday.

So I skipped my brick thismorning- last time I trained thru pain, I ended up injured with a psoas strain for around three months. I’d rather prevent it happening again because that sucked so bad.

So two days off and I’m feeling like this is the end of the world. Like I’m not going to be able to reach my next goal which is the Coffs BCU Tri. I know I’m being ridiculous but I can’t help it.

I know I should swim. But I hate swimming. This is such a stupid cycle! If the pool were open 24 hours it would be so much better!  Now in just making stupid excuses…. 😦

Fingers crossed tomorrow I’m feeling betterand I can belt out a trainer session before work.



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