Sunday Funday

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Branxton around 7am

My morning started around 5.15am with my alarm going off. I snoozed for a few minutes thinking its to earlyyyy.

Done the usual brush my teeth and plait my hair before getting into my bike bib. I always have to do nervous wee’s before a ride so I leave my jersey to put on last.

Sheeva (my bike) and I headed out the door a couple of minutes past 6 due to my nervous wee’s. With two rear flashing lights and my front light I felt like i was lit up like a truck. Off we went.

The first few kms were a dream. Sheeva and I cruised along and got up the first few inclines ok. The weather was clear with a bit of fog.  Around the  15km mark is the Lovedale exit- the incline goes for well over 2km- maybe even 3km.. It just goes up and up and up but we slowly made it! image.jpeg

I was pretty excited to make it to Branxton at around 24kms-this would be my longest out and back ride with just Sheeva and I. I had a short stretch at Branxton before Sheeva and I set off for our trip back- it’s always quicker on the way back home going down the hills. Around the 30k mark I started getting uncomfortable and bored. All i could think of at this point was the song my sex is on fire.

I counted down the Kms to the Heddon Greta exit knowing that from there was only 2km home. I was disappointed I wouldn’t make it to the 50kms I thought I would although my brick ride was planned to be 1:45 and I was slightly over so headed home.

Oscar was pretty excited to see me get home but was disappointed to see me leave once I got changed and headed out for my run. (I got weird looks last time I ran in my bike kit- I’m working my way up to long rides in my Tri kit)

My run was supposed to be in zone 2 but considering that would literally mean me crawling on the ground I went by feel. I managed to do 5km in just over 30 mins so happy with that effort off the bike!

Todays training made me realise that a lot of training is purely mental- I know I can ride 50kms easily but pushing the mental barrier and sucking it up when I wanted to give up is what will get me thru race day. I’m certainly glad I was so far away from home so I couldn’t give up!

Heres to more lessons in mental toughness! 👊🏼



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