Monday- everyone loves Monday!

Ok, so not everyone loves Monday. I don’t work Monday’s so i guess it’s like my Sunday?

I was up at 5.10 and rode to the pool- pretty sketchy as my bike light was shining to the right and doesn’t have a wide beam. I think I need to invest in a headlamp or something. Because Kurri is so crap and has no gutters I ended up riding into a patch of grass and lucky I stopped when I did as there was a large drain I the middle. (I discovered this on my way home)

Done 2/3 of my swim set- I don’t know why I didn’t do more. Maybe I was just being a sook. 2000m is better than nothing.

The ride home was without any grass riding incidents.


Today is also the day I start my new medication for Ulcerative Colitis- Imuran- an immune suppressant sometimes used for chemo. I’ve been very hesitant to take anything other than the first drugs I was prescribed. The side effects include skin cancer and lymphoma although I have to have pretty regular blood tests to monitor this. I may also be more susceptible to catching colds etc as well as secondary infections. An increase in sun sensitivity is very common and although I don’t usually burn or freckle easily it’s still a major concern as a triathlete, we are so regularly outdoors training.

I will be absolutely pissed if I put on weight, lose more hair than I’m losing, end up lobster red from sun exposure, nausea or so sick I’m not able to train.

I guess the next few weeks we will see… 💪🏼


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