Two crazy exciting things happened thismorning- one was reading my emails around 4am thismorning because I couldn’t sleep and going thru my junk email (LUCKY)..


I am so super excited to be an ambassador for this kickass brand! I cannot wait to buy all the goodies from the online store! (They even have a shirt with a turtle!πŸ™ŠπŸ’) Even more exciting is meeting up with my TriMafia family and spreading the iamvelocity love!!


And the second was waiting on my replacement Garmin 920xt to be delivered- I was pretty excited to find that I had a brand newbie not a refurb!! Woohoooo!!


 On another note… Training… Has been going fantastic. May have missed swimming yesterday morning but that’s ok! Cross country yesterday was hard yacka as Grant and I done stairs on Tuesday and my Calves weren’t and still aren’t on speaking terms with me! Yesterday we ran more of the cross country course than we did the week before (if you saw the hills you would understand this!!!) and I honestly thought our time would be so much faster- we ended up just 38 seconds faster. I’m thinking now perhaps I was just feeling stronger in the run and that’s a good thing- although I did still whinge! 10k on the road is so much easier!!

24 Days til race day! Holy Cow!!




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