Race day less than 2 weeks!!!

imageSo I’ve just realised I haven’t posted for a bit! The days are just flying by at a rapid rate with my race less than 2 weeks away now!

Incase you missed my last post, I have been chosen to be an ambassador for TriMafia Velocity Sportswear! I cannot wait to get my hands on my new kit (see the pic below). They have the coolest shirts and hoodies etc too- time to stock up for winter! 🙊

I’m a little nervous about my race as I had THE worst brick on Sunday! My ride was fabulous and I felt fine.. Came home to drop my bike off and a quick change of clothes (my Tri kit won’t hold all the junk I carry for my rides) and set off on my run… I pretty much immediately felt like crap. I was walking within the 1st km. My legs felt heavy, I felt worse than I did at the 18k mark at my first half marathon and that was pretty bad! I was supposed to do a two hour run but I convinced myself to at least do 1.5 hours instead. My run ended up with me walking at least every km- I was getting stitches and my legs felt at least 20kg heavier each. It was so weird. I had my hydration vest with cold water but it didn’t matter how much I drank I still didn’t feel satisfied and all I could think of was a nice cold Coke!

I somehow managed to get to the 10km mark where I literally ended up laying on the ground in some shade and crying. I was about to call Grant to come get me but I knew I was only 2km away from home so I sucked it up and somehow got home. It was probably near 30C and past 11am so it was a warm day but I felt cold and like I had goosebumps at the end of my run so I don’t think I was in a good way. I honestly do not think I could have done the two hour run and I’m so glad I didn’t attempt it!

I can’t explain why I had such a bad run but I’m just going to put it down to a bad day as my other runs/bricks have been fine!

Tomorrow will start off with a small Z2 hour brick before a big day at work!


I will be ordering my TriMafia kit on Wednesday! I am SO EXCITED! It most likely won’t be here til towards the end of our Tri Season but hopefully I can wear it for UTA22 and for training before our season and training for Forster 70.3 kicks off!

This week is my last of my training load before a small taper before my race! I shall keep you updated how that goes!



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