What next?

So since my race on Sunday… What do I do now? I have no training plan and i can’t and don’t want to stop training, or maintaining my fitness level. I feel lost.  I’ve still been following my training schedule for my Olympic loosely but I can’t do that forever..

I have Scody NSW club champs in three weeks then UTA Pace 22 on May 13 but it’s not exciting me that much. I want to swim, bike AND run- not just run.

Another thing- even before I finished my Olympic on Sunday I had already started to think of things I would do differently next time- what the hell is wrong with me! 😂

How is an average age grouper supposed to fit training in for a 70.3? Seriously! We try to meal prep and it was still a juggle to fit life in with me training for my Oly and Grant for UTA100!

Anyhow, I’m off to ponder all these things and figure out what training I should and want to do 🙊

Any advice would be fantastical ☺️



2 thoughts on “What next?

  1. Depending on your time commitment to your olympic, a lot of athletes and coaches would say that in terms of time the commitment for a 70.3 would’t be that much more…. But I completely understand what your saying. Do you really WANT to do a 70.3? maybe you should just look at improving your olympic? I did a full year of racing after my little girl was born and just focused on olympic distance. I certainly didn’t get bored. I have come across so many posts wanting to know how to fit everything in – I think my next blog will have to be about TIME 🙂


    • I don’t think it would be much more time wise than my Olympic for 70.3 training now I think of it- it would be my weekend workouts that would lengthen more than anything.
      I could do Olympic but there’s not many within driving distance- one in May then November. Something to definitely think about. I guess a 70.3 has always been my goal since starting triathlon, and to me, finishing an Olympic is somewhat a small miracle too as I never thought I’d be able to do that distance either!


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