The end of the world

So my posts have been non existent and so has my training for the last few weeks. With UTA pace 22 in 11 days, I think I’m going to suffer!


Having no Garmin pretty much for the last 6 weeks has probably played a small part in why I haven’t trained plus me being lazy and tired.

I’ve managed a road run here and there and two long trail runs in the last month.

Yesterday was my worst trail run to date, I was up a lot Saturday night with nausea and vomiting so it probably wasn’t the best idea to back that up with a run yesterday anyhow. I felt tired, slow, a bit sick and if I had laid down I probably would have passed out. At times it was hard to even walk up some of the inclines- it was impossible for me to run it. Despite what I thought was a near death experience, I managed to do just over 18.5km.


This is me around the 4.5km mark, just before I bonked.

Heres hoping I can find some motivation in the next 11 days to maintain some sort of fitness to be able to get me thru what is the apparent hell of the UTA pace 22.


Watch this space!



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