Sleepy & Lazy Slug

I haven’t trained since Wednesday. I’ve missed a run, a swim and a brick and all I have are excuses. Thursday was a massive day work wise, yesterday I was so so tired and I worked til 2ish today… I feel like a  big big fat slug.

I’m starting my day off tomorrow with a three hourish brick. It shall be interesting considering my Garmin has been sent to Garmin heaven to be replaced so I’ll be training purely with Strava in my back pocket!!

Tomorrow is also Singleton Tri’s Feb meet. Pretty bummed to miss out on racing but i need to do my training! Here’s hoping everyone has a fabulous race tomorrow and eat some of Lisa’s famous delicious granola for me! 🙊

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

On a good note, I reviewed my Saucony Peregrine 6 tonight- which can be found here. If you are from the Newcastle or Maitland area and in the market for some trail shoes or any type of sporting shoes, accessories or nutrition for that matter I would hands down recommend Pure Performance Sports. I have had nothing but positive experiences at all three locations.

Back to the Peregrine 6- Totally loving these shoes. I’m a bit funny when it comes to shoes- I don’t like feeling like I have something on my feet and these have been great so far. (I have in the past run with only my socks as my shoes were annoying me so much they were about to be thrown in the Hunter River!!) I’ve teamed my peregrine 6 with the longer length Balega socks and no blisters or hot spots at all! They also have an eyelet so when I get some gators they can clip straight on!  Winning!


Me super excited to be fitted for my new trail shoes!

I best get some rest for my early session tomorrow!

Night night 🐢 xox