Oh so Tired..

So I just want to have a little sook- most of last week and this week I am tired. Like so tired. Like I turn my alarm off and go back to sleep tired. This week I haven’t even wanted to train! I have mouth ulcers and I feel like shit.

I don’t know if it’s my training volume catching up with me (it’s a lot more than I usually do), my stupid UC or my new meds or a combination of all three 😦

I’ve missed a swim session and a Z2 hour brick this week but not as bad as I thought. Next week is half normal training and half taper which will drive me crazy.

I don’t know what I’ll do with myself after my race- I think I’ll try and keep up a lot of my training; maybe work on my base and Z2 training? Aaaaaand training for UTA22. It’s seriously so hard to fit in trail running AND triathlon!

Brick tomorrow after work and racing MTC on Sunday!Β image.jpeg

Happy Training

Never Stop. Ever




Race day less than 2 weeks!!!

imageSo I’ve just realised I haven’t posted for a bit! The days are just flying by at a rapid rate with my race less than 2 weeks away now!

Incase you missed my last post, I have been chosen to be an ambassador for TriMafia Velocity Sportswear! I cannot wait to get my hands on my new kit (see the pic below). They have the coolest shirts and hoodies etc too- time to stock up for winter! πŸ™Š

I’m a little nervous about my race as I had THE worst brick on Sunday! My ride was fabulous and I felt fine.. Came home to drop my bike off and a quick change of clothes (my Tri kit won’t hold all the junk I carry for my rides) and set off on my run… I pretty much immediately felt like crap. I was walking within the 1st km. My legs felt heavy, I felt worse than I did at the 18k mark at my first half marathon and that was pretty bad! I was supposed to do a two hour run but I convinced myself to at least do 1.5 hours instead. My run ended up with me walking at least every km- I was getting stitches and my legs felt at least 20kg heavier each. It was so weird. I had my hydration vest with cold water but it didn’t matter how much I drank I still didn’t feel satisfied and all I could think of was a nice cold Coke!

I somehow managed to get to the 10km mark where I literally ended up laying on the ground in some shade and crying. I was about to call Grant to come get me but I knew I was only 2km away from home so I sucked it up and somehow got home. It was probably near 30C and past 11am so it was a warm day but I felt cold and like I had goosebumps at the end of my run so I don’t think I was in a good way. I honestly do not think I could have done the two hour run and I’m so glad I didn’t attempt it!

I can’t explain why I had such a bad run but I’m just going to put it down to a bad day as my other runs/bricks have been fine!

Tomorrow will start off with a small Z2 hour brick before a big day at work!


I will be ordering my TriMafia kit on Wednesday! I am SO EXCITED! It most likely won’t be here til towards the end of our Tri Season but hopefully I can wear it for UTA22 and for training before our season and training for Forster 70.3 kicks off!

This week is my last of my training load before a small taper before my race! I shall keep you updated how that goes!



Two crazy exciting things happened thismorning- one was reading my emails around 4am thismorning because I couldn’t sleep and going thru my junk email (LUCKY)..


I am so super excited to be an ambassador for this kickass brand! I cannot wait to buy all the goodies from the online store! (They even have a shirt with a turtle!πŸ™ŠπŸ’) Even more exciting is meeting up with my TriMafia family and spreading the iamvelocity love!!


And the second was waiting on my replacement Garmin 920xt to be delivered- I was pretty excited to find that I had a brand newbie not a refurb!! Woohoooo!!


 On another note… Training… Has been going fantastic. May have missed swimming yesterday morning but that’s ok! Cross country yesterday was hard yacka as Grant and I done stairs on Tuesday and my Calves weren’t and still aren’t on speaking terms with me! Yesterday we ran more of the cross country course than we did the week before (if you saw the hills you would understand this!!!) and I honestly thought our time would be so much faster- we ended up just 38 seconds faster. I’m thinking now perhaps I was just feeling stronger in the run and that’s a good thing- although I did still whinge! 10k on the road is so much easier!!

24 Days til race day! Holy Cow!!



Brick Sunday..

image.jpegThe weekends are when my long bricks are scheduled and today was one of the biggest so far- 2:15 bike and 45 run.

Considering how much I hated last Sunday’s ride, today’s went pretty quick and I even got a PR on Lovedale exit climb!


I quickly changed at home for my run (my Tri kit doesn’t have pockets for me to carry the junk that I do for long rides so I wear a bike kit) and headed out away from home- I have learnt that if I loop around home I make up crappy excuses as to why I need to cut my run short,so if I run away from home I still need to return somehow! I hoped my brick run would be 7 minute pace at the most and I averaged 6:38 although that didnt take into account starting Strava and taking a fair while to stuff it in and out of my fuel belt so it may have been slightly faster.

Today’s run had me thinking about a few posts I’ve saw on Instagram lately about being comfortable with being uncomfortable- and that’s something I struggle with. As soon as I struggle I pull myself back so I have really been trying to test my own boundaries in training and get over being uncomfortable.

Considering the last three months or so I’ve only just started doing longer rides and bricks I feel that I’m making slow and steady progress so am happy with that- keep moving forward is all that matters.

Looking forward to MTC long course race on the 14th to see if my hard work is paying off!



Sleepy & Lazy Slug

I haven’t trained since Wednesday. I’ve missed a run, a swim and a brick and all I have are excuses. Thursday was a massive day work wise, yesterday I was so so tired and I worked til 2ish today… I feel like a Β big big fat slug.

I’m starting my day off tomorrow with a three hourish brick. It shall be interesting considering my Garmin has been sent to Garmin heaven to be replaced so I’ll be training purely with Strava in my back pocket!!

Tomorrow is also Singleton Tri’s Feb meet. Pretty bummed to miss out on racing but i need to do my training! Here’s hoping everyone has a fabulous race tomorrow and eat some of Lisa’s famous delicious granola for me! πŸ™Š

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

On a good note, I reviewed my Saucony Peregrine 6 tonight- which can be found here. If you are from the Newcastle or Maitland area and in the market for some trail shoes or any type of sporting shoes, accessories or nutrition for that matter I would hands down recommend Pure Performance Sports. I have had nothing but positive experiences at all three locations.

Back to the Peregrine 6- Totally loving these shoes. I’m a bit funny when it comes to shoes- I don’t like feeling like I have something on my feet and these have been great so far. (I have in the past run with only my socks as my shoes were annoying me so much they were about to be thrown in the Hunter River!!) I’ve teamed my peregrine 6 with the longer length Balega socks and no blisters or hot spots at all! They also have an eyelet so when I get some gators they can clip straight on! Β Winning!


Me super excited to be fitted for my new trail shoes!

I best get some rest for my early session tomorrow!

Night night 🐒 xox

An Update…

Processed with MOLDIV

This week I feel like all I’ve done is work, train, eat and sleep and it’s exhausting!

I have hit all my training targets so far this week… Until today. Thursday’s I work anywhere from 10+ hours. I could have fit my trainer workout in my lunch break but I may have had a nap instead! My Garmin got sent back to be replaced yesterday so I would really have no idea what I was doing apart from time anyhow. I needed the sleep and my trainer wasn’t a critical session so I think it will be ok!

Having no Garmin feels like I’ve lost a limb- I have no idea what the time is and no idea how I’ll count my laps at the pool tomorrow as I zone out and lose count alllll the time!

Yesterday was cross country- Kath and I done long course which was longer than expected (9.8km according to Strava) with a mountain thrown in the middle. I tried to take a video of said mountain but I clearly can’t work my GoPro yet!

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

This weekend I have two 3 hour bricks- no idea how that will end up but I’ll give it a go!

Heres hoping my Garmin comes home soon! πŸ˜€

Race Day in 31 days!! Eeeeep!


Monday- everyone loves Monday!

Ok, so not everyone loves Monday. I don’t work Monday’s so i guess it’s like my Sunday?

I was up at 5.10 and rode to the pool- pretty sketchy as my bike light was shining to the right and doesn’t have a wide beam. I think I need to invest in a headlamp or something. Because Kurri is so crap and has no gutters I ended up riding into a patch of grass and lucky I stopped when I did as there was a large drain I the middle. (I discovered this on my way home)

Done 2/3 of my swim set- I don’t know why I didn’t do more. Maybe I was just being a sook. 2000m is better than nothing.

The ride home was without any grass riding incidents.


Today is also the day I start my new medication for Ulcerative Colitis- Imuran- an immune suppressant sometimes used for chemo. I’ve been very hesitant to take anything other than the first drugs I was prescribed. The side effects include skin cancer and lymphoma although I have to have pretty regular blood tests to monitor this. I may also be more susceptible to catching colds etc as well as secondary infections. An increase in sun sensitivity is very common and although I don’t usually burn or freckle easily it’s still a major concern as a triathlete, we are so regularly outdoors training.

I will be absolutely pissed if I put on weight, lose more hair than I’m losing, end up lobster red from sun exposure, nausea or so sick I’m not able to train.

I guess the next few weeks we will see… πŸ’ͺ🏼