Brick Sunday..

image.jpegThe weekends are when my long bricks are scheduled and today was one of the biggest so far- 2:15 bike and 45 run.

Considering how much I hated last Sunday’s ride, today’s went pretty quick and I even got a PR on Lovedale exit climb!


I quickly changed at home for my run (my Tri kit doesn’t have pockets for me to carry the junk that I do for long rides so I wear a bike kit) and headed out away from home- I have learnt that if I loop around home I make up crappy excuses as to why I need to cut my run short,so if I run away from home I still need to return somehow! I hoped my brick run would be 7 minute pace at the most and I averaged 6:38 although that didnt take into account starting Strava and taking a fair while to stuff it in and out of my fuel belt so it may have been slightly faster.

Today’s run had me thinking about a few posts I’ve saw on Instagram lately about being comfortable with being uncomfortable- and that’s something I struggle with. As soon as I struggle I pull myself back so I have really been trying to test my own boundaries in training and get over being uncomfortable.

Considering the last three months or so I’ve only just started doing longer rides and bricks I feel that I’m making slow and steady progress so am happy with that- keep moving forward is all that matters.

Looking forward to MTC long course race on the 14th to see if my hard work is paying off!




An Update…

Processed with MOLDIV

This week I feel like all I’ve done is work, train, eat and sleep and it’s exhausting!

I have hit all my training targets so far this week… Until today. Thursday’s I work anywhere from 10+ hours. I could have fit my trainer workout in my lunch break but I may have had a nap instead! My Garmin got sent back to be replaced yesterday so I would really have no idea what I was doing apart from time anyhow. I needed the sleep and my trainer wasn’t a critical session so I think it will be ok!

Having no Garmin feels like I’ve lost a limb- I have no idea what the time is and no idea how I’ll count my laps at the pool tomorrow as I zone out and lose count alllll the time!

Yesterday was cross country- Kath and I done long course which was longer than expected (9.8km according to Strava) with a mountain thrown in the middle. I tried to take a video of said mountain but I clearly can’t work my GoPro yet!

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

This weekend I have two 3 hour bricks- no idea how that will end up but I’ll give it a go!

Heres hoping my Garmin comes home soon! 😀

Race Day in 31 days!! Eeeeep!



On Monday I done my longest trail run in months. (11km) I thought I would be ok. At least 5km of that was downhill on a pretty rutted out fire trail. I also had my new Saucony Peregrine 6’s on. I felt fine running at the time but Yesterday my glutes were screaming. Today they are yelling- not as loud as yesterday.

So I skipped my brick thismorning- last time I trained thru pain, I ended up injured with a psoas strain for around three months. I’d rather prevent it happening again because that sucked so bad.

So two days off and I’m feeling like this is the end of the world. Like I’m not going to be able to reach my next goal which is the Coffs BCU Tri. I know I’m being ridiculous but I can’t help it.

I know I should swim. But I hate swimming. This is such a stupid cycle! If the pool were open 24 hours it would be so much better!  Now in just making stupid excuses…. 😦

Fingers crossed tomorrow I’m feeling betterand I can belt out a trainer session before work.