So it’s been a while since I’ve posted. In that time a lot has happened but not really.

I WON 3rd place in my age group at Maitland Tri Club for the season as well as MOST IMPROVED FEMALE!!! I was totally NOT expecting to have won most improved at all. Totally blown away!

My dream of Forster 70.3 is yet to be postponed again.

Reason being is I have been  accepted into study Enrolled Nursing which is three days a week and have changed my work to three days  with Sunday as my rest day. I can’t even begin to comprehend trying to fit all this in as well as 11 weeks of clinic over the next twelve months for my course AND training for a half.

At first I was just really overwhelmed with trying to make it work until someone said well there’s always next year. It never even occurred to me to just postpone.

My aim is to still do my local home club racing at Maitland and perhaps a couple at the other hunter clubs. Maybe a few trail runs.  Not committing to anything big will give me flexibility with my training- I know I can wing a club race if need be with minimal training. It wouldn’t be fast but I’d finish.

Next up is hopefully Dungog Dash and Dawdle, which as the name states is in the rural town of Dungog and is a trail/cross country 6/12/21km run. I’m thinking of doing the half but it will be slow- they have bling so it’s worth it!!


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I received my TriMafia kit in the mail earlier this week- it’s pink, purple and blue and totally badass! I can’t wait to race in it! Hopefully it makes me faster 🙊

💉💊 Some exciting news regarding my UC-at  my last specialist appointment around a fortnight ago, my Dr was really impressed with how well I have been and my test results. I will still have to have another scope at the end of the year to check my nasty polyps as I’m a high cancer risk because I was flaring so long. Here’s hoping he can take those bad boys out!!

Heres a snap of Oscar just because he is gorgeous!


I will endeavour to keep my blog updated 😉



Cross Country 

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 So after my little tantrum yesterday about excuses I decided I would still go to cross country but walk the short course.
The start line,the heat of the moment and the day got to me and i ended up doing the 4km medium course. I took my GoPro so it was mostly running with some walking and photography. My legs felt fine and they are today too so I’m glad I gave them a little stretch out on the hills!

I’ve already done my training for the day- an interval trainer session. I thought I may vomit at one point but I pushed thru that knowing that my training now will pay off on race day. (Come on, I can’t get slower!)

Happy Days!  

How do you combat the excuses you give yourself? Leave a comment and let me know!

Ange x


On Monday I done my longest trail run in months. (11km) I thought I would be ok. At least 5km of that was downhill on a pretty rutted out fire trail. I also had my new Saucony Peregrine 6’s on. I felt fine running at the time but Yesterday my glutes were screaming. Today they are yelling- not as loud as yesterday.

So I skipped my brick thismorning- last time I trained thru pain, I ended up injured with a psoas strain for around three months. I’d rather prevent it happening again because that sucked so bad.

So two days off and I’m feeling like this is the end of the world. Like I’m not going to be able to reach my next goal which is the Coffs BCU Tri. I know I’m being ridiculous but I can’t help it.

I know I should swim. But I hate swimming. This is such a stupid cycle! If the pool were open 24 hours it would be so much better!  Now in just making stupid excuses…. 😦

Fingers crossed tomorrow I’m feeling betterand I can belt out a trainer session before work.