So it’s been a while since I’ve posted. In that time a lot has happened but not really.

I WON 3rd place in my age group at Maitland Tri Club for the season as well as MOST IMPROVED FEMALE!!! I was totally NOT expecting to have won most improved at all. Totally blown away!

My dream of Forster 70.3 is yet to be postponed again.

Reason being is I have been  accepted into study Enrolled Nursing which is three days a week and have changed my work to three days  with Sunday as my rest day. I can’t even begin to comprehend trying to fit all this in as well as 11 weeks of clinic over the next twelve months for my course AND training for a half.

At first I was just really overwhelmed with trying to make it work until someone said well there’s always next year. It never even occurred to me to just postpone.

My aim is to still do my local home club racing at Maitland and perhaps a couple at the other hunter clubs. Maybe a few trail runs.  Not committing to anything big will give me flexibility with my training- I know I can wing a club race if need be with minimal training. It wouldn’t be fast but I’d finish.

Next up is hopefully Dungog Dash and Dawdle, which as the name states is in the rural town of Dungog and is a trail/cross country 6/12/21km run. I’m thinking of doing the half but it will be slow- they have bling so it’s worth it!!


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I received my TriMafia kit in the mail earlier this week- it’s pink, purple and blue and totally badass! I can’t wait to race in it! Hopefully it makes me faster 🙊

💉💊 Some exciting news regarding my UC-at  my last specialist appointment around a fortnight ago, my Dr was really impressed with how well I have been and my test results. I will still have to have another scope at the end of the year to check my nasty polyps as I’m a high cancer risk because I was flaring so long. Here’s hoping he can take those bad boys out!!

Heres a snap of Oscar just because he is gorgeous!


I will endeavour to keep my blog updated 😉



Coffs BCU Triathlon!


My Coffs BCU Olympic Triathlon race report- it’s long and probably boring so apologies in advance!

The few days before my race seem to be a blur- I was so busy with work, trying to pack my race gear and prepare myself that I didn’t get to blog 😦

Saturday morning I worked then ran around like a mad man finishing off my packing. My sister, Anastasia came over to housesit and look after Oscar which was nice. We headed to Coffs around lunchtime or so. Roadworks made the trip a lot slower than it should have.

I’m not sure what time we arrived exactly but I was glad to finally be there- Grant drove as apparently my driving makes him ‘car sick’. We stayed at a little motel in Coffs. It was ok for the night.

While discussing dinner options, I received a heads up from my Tri buddy Paul about a sharp hill just out of transition- I was told the course was flat! Oh crap! So off we went to check out this course! Race Transition was well marked and the beach looked fantastic. We bumped into gun triathletes Holly and Raea also checking out the course.


Attempting to drive the bike course was fairly frustrating as the course map had maybe three actual streets named and the course description was confusing too. We managed to figure it out after a few choice words although apart from turn left from transition I had no idea on the run course.

After eating a lot more than I should have for dinner- Ribs and Steak! (story of my life), we went back to the motel- I got some of my race prep done and went to bed. I had a pretty good sleep and even though I had the little hills in the back of my head I knew I had trained for this.

Race day morning! My alarm went off at 5am, so I snoozed til 5:09am. We were at transition by 5.40am. I collected my race kit from the tent and proceeded to attach my stickers then rack my bike. Whilst setting up I overheard them saying the water temp was 25 and a non wetsuit swim. Are you fucking kidding were my first thoughts. I hadn’t done much training in a wetsuit but I was hoping it would buy me some speed! Oh god. This was terrible. I’m going to drown.

Fast forward to race start after the enticer start and a few potty stops…

Big grey clouds had started to come over and it was lightly sprinkling. I jumped in the water to see how cold it was (wasn’t too bad), then the males were off. Three minutes later it was my turn. Stomping over the waves, it took forever to be in deep enough to be able to swim as well as get a place in the water filled with bodies- I’m too polite to swim over the top of someone.

The swim seemed to go forever. I’m not a good swimmer but I’m especially buoyant in salt water, thankgod! I swallowed three mouthfuls of water due to swell or waves when I was breathing and gagged everytime. Exiting the water was a fun event, getting dumped by waves. Grant even  heard me from the jetty screaming out ‘Oh for fuck sake’ while trying to get out of the waves LOL. My goal time was 35 for the swim- including the run from the beach to transition was around 33 so I was happy! (Don’t judge me)

The bike I was so happy to be on- I rode up the first little hill and walked my bike up the second very steep one- it was only 50m but I know my legs and I think I would have went so slow I would have fallen off so it was both safer and quicker this way. Heading out of the town central was undulating but I kept my pace ok- I had some idiot obviously in a team who kept overtaking me, blocking on the right then riding like miss daisy. I was so mad, so made an effort to overtake him and stay well over 30km/h. He didn’t overtake me again. The weather had fined up slightly and the ground was still wet. Some poor chap had come off at the first round about and was covered in a space blanket and not looking too good. For this reason I took it easy on all corners- we know my track record of falling off my bike! I overtook a fair amount of people and tried to maintain a consistent pace. The second loop I walked my bike up the hill again- I think my second loop may have been 1-2km/h slower but I done the best I could in the conditions. I’m a lot faster than I was a year ago and I need to remember that.

My transition from bike to run felt slow but it was under my goal of 2 mins. Off I went on the run- I had no idea where it went, just left out of transition. I felt like I had been running for ages but it hadnt even been 2km- then I saw the break wall and we had to run alllllll the way to the end, and back to transition and back out again. Jesus Christ. By this stage the sun was out and there was no shade. I walked the aid stations. I can’t say I was buggered- just hot and not dealing with two laps of what seemed so far! I kept in mind my TriMafia mantra of Never Stop. Ever. and SwimBikeMoms keep moving forward. Once I was on my way back in from my second lap I felt mentally a lot better- I was nearly done. I think physically I need to work on nutrition- I just couldn’t seem to go faster than 6:25ish at that point. (I WILL say in training that my long runs were slower trail runs not road, so I let myself down in training anyhow)

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On my way to the jetty before finishing 

My last part of the run was along the Jetty, I looked at my watch and knew I would make it under my first goal time of 3:15. Even knowing this, my legs wouldn’t go faster. I crossed the finish line and was so happy with my time, and to be able to stop running.


For two years I have wanted to do any Olympic and that goal seemed so far away and unachievable- this time I knew I had done the training and it was totally doable.

A big Congrats to Holly who was first female finisher who absolutely smashed it despite coming off her bike. Also Raea and Pete who placed in their age categories. You are all amazing!

I managed to not get burnt while racing this year (if you remember my sunburn from the Sparke last year!) but ended up getting roasted at the role down ceremony!! My scalp is even burnt!

I will say that I missed having my hunter Tri club triathletes out on course to hi5 and yell words of encouragement to.

Sorry this years report isn’t as funny as last year- everything that could have, did go wrong last year. Even though I wasn’t prepared for the course or a non wetsuit swim, my race went to plan. Yes I’m slow (hence I’m the turtle triathlete) but I’m making progress 💪🏼

never stop. Ever!


Oh so Tired..

So I just want to have a little sook- most of last week and this week I am tired. Like so tired. Like I turn my alarm off and go back to sleep tired. This week I haven’t even wanted to train! I have mouth ulcers and I feel like shit.

I don’t know if it’s my training volume catching up with me (it’s a lot more than I usually do), my stupid UC or my new meds or a combination of all three 😦

I’ve missed a swim session and a Z2 hour brick this week but not as bad as I thought. Next week is half normal training and half taper which will drive me crazy.

I don’t know what I’ll do with myself after my race- I think I’ll try and keep up a lot of my training; maybe work on my base and Z2 training? Aaaaaand training for UTA22. It’s seriously so hard to fit in trail running AND triathlon!

Brick tomorrow after work and racing MTC on Sunday! image.jpeg

Happy Training

Never Stop. Ever