Forced Rest Days Suck

imageSo I think the above meme describes my day today.

Yesterday marked my 15th day in a row training (my program has me swimming on rest days). I also thought it was a good idea to do a 11km trail run- the longest trail I’ve done in months with at least 5 of it being downhill. My glutes are killing to the point I can barely walk 😦

So due to not being able to move my legs and both my arms being sore from two vaccinations yesterday I decided to be a sloth.

I slept in, had some breakfast, had a nap, had a look on Insta and had another nap before Grant and i went on an adventure out to the Vineyards.

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I feel like I’ve been so lazy. Tomorrow is a bike/run brick and fitting a swim in between work and cross country. Fingers crossed by glutes are happy again tomorrow! 😀